Elmira, New York
Memories of Eldrige Park

Not for me!

That was many of the kids' attitudes at Kiddieland. These toddler-sized rides were replicas of the bigger ones at the other end of the midway. After they reached 5 years old, kids just couldn't get excited about them - they wanted to go on the BIG merry-go-round and the BIG roller coaster (well, maybe not that one) and the BIG whip. Kiddieland didn't exist in the Forties. It came about somewhere in the early Fifties and was located near the arcades closer to the picnic areas where families could congregate and keep their toddlers occupied and away from the BIG rides. As a result, there was very little excited screaming going on at this end of the park. Mostly kids gazing over at Mom and Dad as they came around the turn on the little cars or little boats. The moms looking at the dads and pointing and saying "Fred, isn't she just adorable on that thing?"

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