Eldridge Park - Elmira, NY
Remembering Eldridge Park
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Merry-Go-Round Music by
BILL COOK at the Theatre Organ


The new Midway at Eldridge Park - Elmira, NY - August 2013
photo courtesy of Michael Robertson, EPCPS President

ldridgePark.US, as a public service, is proud to host the web pages of the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society (EPCPS). Visit their pages and read visit EPCPS onlineabout this dedicated group of Elmirans who are determined to bring back the spirit of Eldridge Park in Elmira, NY, through the restoration of the carousel as well as other amusements and concessions that we all remember. The Grand Re-Opening was on Memorial Day Weekend 2006 and, after its long hiatus, thanks to the EPCPS, the Eldridge Merry-Go-Round is back in operation as well as Jasper II, the dragon boat and the Arcade. The new Mark Twain Miniature Golf Course was created and opened in time for opening day of 2010's Summer Season. Click on the EPCPS logo at the right and checkout the links on their web pages for the hours, calendar of events and plans for the continuing restoration of the memories, the fun and the excitement of childhood at Eldridge Park.

he kid in everybody has memories of the good times. Many of mine are about an amusement park where I grew up in Elmira, NY. There must be hundreds of thousands who experienced it as I did. For over a century, Eldridge was a Wonderland - and from the beginning, it was where just a dollar could last all day.

In 1997, with donations a group Eldridge afficionados like myself, I built this website as a place where the generations of Eldridge kids could get together and compare notes. That's how I did literally find out that there are so many who remember Eldridge. Some have sent me their photos and stories. I hope you'll spend some time here and reminisce with the rest of us as we remember the magic of Eldridge Park in its heyday.


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