Sylvia - an Eldridge Looff original
Sponsored by The Eldridge Generation
photos by Mary Kuehlewind

ylvia is a Looff original to Eldridge, and many kids growing up in Elmira rode her for many, many years. That was during Eldridge Park's heyday.

She made her way back home in 2004 after having been sold during the waning years of SylviaEldridge Park's operation in the late 1980s. Sylvia had journeyed to Chicago and then back east to Pennsylvania, having been purchased by Tony and Bobbi Molettiere of Souderton, PA. She remained in their living room for many years and was recently released by the Molettiere's to the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society.

In September 2004, Bob Lyon, President of the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society approached Bill Cook about getting a sponsor for Sylvia and the two decided that it would be only fitting that the Eldridge Generation be the sole sponsors of Sylvia for the Eldridge Carousel restoration. The names at your left are those who have donated to sponsor Sylvia's spot on the Eldridge Park Carousel.

Frank Messina and Graham Lyon with SylviaThere are a total of 40 donations in the Eldridge Generation's Sylvia sponsorship, each donating $500 for a total amount of $20,000. Sylvia is a middle row jumper. Her place on the carousel has an engraved plate beneath her stating that she is sponsored by The Eldridge Generation. A listing of the Eldridge Generation appears in a framed presentation piece on a nearby wall in the carousel building at Eldridge Park.

The sponsorships for Sylvia will become part of a fund that will finance the operation and maintenance of the Eldridge Park Carousel for years to come. It's a gift from the Eldridge Generation to the many generations who will follow - kids who will once again enjoy growing up on the Merry-Go-Round at Eldridge Park.

Our thanks to Mary Lyon of the EPCPS and Bruce Zubee of for finding Sylvia and also we need to thank Tony and Bobbi Molettiere for making her available to return home to Eldridge Park in Elmira..