Lucky Star
sponsored by
Annette & Michael Cobb
for children Justine and Brian



Lucky Star is one of 20 outer row standers which have been completed for the carousel restoration at Eldridge Park. This horse was carved especially for this restoration by Master Carver Lawrence R. Pefferly and painted by Jerry (Dade) & Lawrence Pefferly. The Pefferlys were contracted by the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society at the beginning of the project to create the outer row of animals on the carousel. Lucky Star is a replica of one of the original horses that occupied the Eldridge Carousel at the time of its closing in 1989. The Pefferly Studio has created a wonderfully classic legacy to be enjoyed by all who remember Eldridge Park as it once was, and who will witness, first hand how it will be once again - a place for families and friends to enjoy Eldridge Park, creating memories that will last for generations.

photo by Mary Kuehlewind
Lucky Star