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News about the Carousel restoration
From time to time, Eldridge is in the news again. Here are a few of the stories that appeared earlier at the web site that you may have missed.

Park Manager named - Ryan Alo joins the staff at EPCPS

The Proposed Midway - A major improvement to Eldridge's amusement area

The Thunderbirds Are Coming - a new ride arrives at Eldridge Park

"America" joins the herd - a new horse arrives at the carousel

The Mark Twain Study - an Elmira landmark replica arrives at Eldridge Park

Protect Eldridge - a concept to keep Eldridge Park alive and well

A 2009 Photo Album - a lot of new additions to the park this year.

2010 Extravaganza - Park opens for the 2010 season.

Eldridge Generation - group sponsors original Eldridge Park carousel horse

The Eldridge Lake Legend - the real truth about the bottomless lake

The Clock - Sponsorship - you, too, can be an Eldridge sponsor

The New South Entrance - the changes are everywhere

October 2009 Update - Attendance numbers tell the story

The BBQ Pit - just reserve it, bring your goodies and enjoy!

Bridge Number One - linking the past, present and future

The Corporate Pavilion - the first of many pavilions to come

The Dragon Paddleboats - Jasper had kids!

Picnic Tables Sponsorship - a wonderful way to contribute to Eldridge

The Boxcar Project - a final resting spot for this gem of the past

Jasper II - the Dragon Boat lives!

A 2009 Photo Album - all that's going on keeps going on

2009 Fireworks Photos - July 4th week-end celebrated in style

Sightings - Something big is happening at Eldridge Park

Animal Ornaments - Each year a different set - these are for Christmas 2007

2007 Jazz Festival - Eldridge Park hosts the musicians in concert

February 2007 Update - keeping up the momentum - our 2nd season

The Sylvia Project - restoring an original Looff horse for Eldridge Park

Lourinda Bray - best part of the day is walking into the warehouse

May 2006 Update - Time to start making some new memories

The 440 - Brass ring owners listing

April 2006 Update - Just one month to go . . .

March 2006 Update - Getting it together for the May 27th grand opening.

February 2006 Update - We're almost there!

About Our Logo - Something we are proud of

Carousel Lithograph - Available carousel artwork

Silas comes home - another joins the herd

Carousel gets a voice - some music to ride by

January 2006 Update - The New Year approaches; the excitement grows.

View joins the herd - Another Pefferly original comes aboard

December 2005 Update - the EPCPS Christmas ornaments are delightful!

November 2005 Update - Brass Ring Ball - fun was had by all.

October 2005 Update - Everything that could go wrong is going right!

Brass Ring Ball - The Online Auction Pages

September 2005 update - Brass Ring Ball & Auction - SOLD OUT!

Archway - the latest - Rotary International makes a grand entrance

A detail about Chester - down to the last detail - his unromantic side

Reviving Eldridge's Past - a pictorial essay of Eldridge then and now

Naming Rights Plaque - a real "who dunnit" for those who did it

Star Gazette's EP Story - Story about the beginning of EPCPS

Brass Rings Sold Out - There were 440 of them at $100 each.

August 2005 Update - The vision is now more clear than ever.

July 2005 Update - Grass Roots Kickoff - our busiest month yet

July 9 News - More animals arrive

June 2005 Update - a day with the Ernie Davis Community Center

KingPin heads home - Trayer's horse joining the herd in Elmira

Building exterior completed - ahead of schedule

May 2005 Update - Brace yourselves - this one is a DOOZIE.

Park gets cleanup - Rotary sponsors a clean-up day at Eldridge

Eldridge Archway News - More Rotary International news

John McKenzie - Another carver joins our carousel restoration effort

April 2005 Update - the Victorianization continues

March 2005 Update - It's a dream come true!

February 2005 Update - Lights, Camera, Action!

Completed Ticket Booth - Eagle Scout Project extraordinaire!

January 2005 Update - Only 18 months until the Grand Opening

December 2004 Update - The Season of Giving is upon us

November 2004 Update - About the 'doers and the donors'

Middle row prancer - Fred Dilworth's first Eldridge Project

October 2004 Update - Victorianizing "the vision"

Fred Dilworth - Another talented carver joins our team

Star Gazette Photos - Some great shots by our local news folks

Ticket Booth News - Star Gazette article

Ticket Booth News - Sayre Times article

September 2004 Update continuing to keep the locomotive chugging

Tribute to Kathie Brockman our heartfelt sympathy to Jim and family.

August 2004 Update rolling up our sleeves!

July 2004 Update our 2nd Fourth of July. What a hoot!!!

Sylvia comes home a Looff Eldridge Original returns to Elmira

June 2004 Update Light board completed, funds are coming in . . .

Brass Ring Feeder Progress Rebuilding from memory

May 2004 Update Keeping up the momentum - the work never stops

Sebastian takes Center Court Featured at the Arnot Mall

A Tribute to Jim Dulin His grace and demeanor spoke volumes

April 2004 Update What a wonderful trip to Tennessee

March 2004 Update Bringing in the water - it's history in the making

February 2004 Update It's off to New York, NY

January 2004 Update Great progress behind the scenes

January 2004 Press Release We're incorporated as Not-For-Profit

December 2003 Update Murphy's Law does not apply!

November 2003 Update American Girl is coming back to Eldridge

The American Girl story Elmira's revered race horse returns

The Horse & Buggy A part of Early Eldridge

Bosco Arrives in Elmira The tiger comes home

October 2003 Update The Bosco Month

September 2003 Update "Lock, Stock & Barrel"

RL Logo Shield a donation from Jim Vannest and SHS Class of 43

Dusty arrives the Elmira unveiling

City of Elmira Approves! It's official - the Carousel has a home

August 2003 Update a behind-the-scenes month

July 2003 Update In a word - WOW!

Sayre Evening Times the Walt Kowalski Story

Star-Gazette 07/05 Horses and fireworks bring in crowds

Star-Gazette 07/04 Carousel work unveiled today

Corning Leader 07/02 - Historic carousel joins July 4th festivities

July 4 Debut Ooohs and Aaahs on the ground and in the sky

The Paint Goes On As usual, we had lots of help on this one - thanks!

Lights, Camera . . . There will be 440 of them lighting up the carousel.

June 2003 Update It's showtime - up with the lights

Projects At The Park Saturdays are busy days again

Park In His Blood An Eldridge story that's a real keeper

May 2003 Update a busy time at Eldridge

Dusty Is Born a photo update from Larry Pefferly

Horses Arrive! by Maria Strinni, Corning Leader

Carousel drive begins to whirl by Charlie Coon, Elmira Star Gazette

Brass Ring Memories by John P. Cleary, Elmira Star Gazette

Carousel may be rebuilt by Charlie Coon, Elmira Star Gazette